Google Apps

We are in the stage of migrating our company over to google apps from lotus notes. We have had an interesting journey in setting up a test account and migrating the mailbox over to google apps. For some reason we were not able to use google’s migration tool to migrate the test account over. We had to purchase a tool called PCVITA and from there we were able to migrate our test account over. Google Tech Support was not of any help either. They will not talk to you via phone. You can call them and they will put a ticket in and eventually a technician will email you back.

When I was trying to use google’s migration tool, I wouldn’t be any errors, it just wouldn’t do anything. I put in a ticket to technical support and they emailed me saying that without an error message, they couldn’t really help me. Since they were not very helpful, I took things into my own hands. I did a google search and found a tool called PCVITA and it says it is an “express” google migrator.

With this tool we had to make sure the test user already had an account with google apps within our domain. I also had to replicate the test mailbox to my local machine. I decided to wait to replicate the mailbox until after everyone left for the day. I set the schedule to start at 6pm. I had to go into manage your domain in google apps and enable provisioning API as well as enable users to use the email migration API. First Step was to input our domain name in and hit test. This makes sure the domain name is valid. Once it validated our domain name I was able to add files that I wanted to migrate over. I selected our test accound mailbox. Because I replicated it to my local machine, it made it an NSF file. This is the file I added to migrate over to google apps. Once I had added the file, I had to input the test users username and password for google apps. (FYI: just put in the username not When I clicked next, that’s when it checked the credentials on google apps side for that user. After it validated our test users credentials, we were able to choose to exclude deleted and sent mail. We were also able to put in a specific date range of mail we wanted to be migrated over. I hit next and it started the migration process. All I had to do was sit and wait.

Once the migration said it was completed, I went to check the test users account in google apps. It was all there! All of the calender entries and contacts as well.