iPads are the holy grail for sales teams

I am pretty gung-ho on my iPad. I cannot be separated from it. It is such a useful tool to me, that I bought one for every single one of my employees.

I want them to really put it through its paces. My goals is to “run my business on my iPad”. For that, I feel our current system (TeamWork, which is based on Lotus Notes) needs a paradigm shift. It is my intent to create a new platform, taking all of the best items from TeamWork, and extending that functionality to the iPad.

I think if we are successful, we will have a great tool for sales teams. The iPad is a great presentation device. I can “get close” to my prospect. I can swipe through sales slides. I can show pictures and play sound. All without having to type on a keyboard. It is a natural sales tool when in front of the customer.

But its weakness is its “slide out keyboard”. Although I am fairly good at typing on it, it is not ideal – I would rather just quickly check some boxes to track my activity. Also, “popup pick lists” from Salesforce.com or other online CRM systems all open a brand new window in the Web Browser.

Instead, I plan on challenging my team to make TeamWork work “as expected” when running on the iPad, and bridging the two worlds of desktop application (with a large screen and keyboard), and iPad application (with a somewhat smaller screen and no keyboard).

If we can do that, then we can offer sales teams a tool that will really up their productivity – small, lightweight, extremely functional, great for impromptu presentations, and all-day battery life.  Or at the very minimum, I can use it!