Today, we begin our cloud initiative…

Recently, we have begun the process of moving our company “to the cloud”. I feel we must do so, for the sake of our customers.

It is my opinion that within 5 years, with the exception of financial systems, the majority of businesses will not have physical “servers” inside their company. They will instead rely on cloud-based software, or cloud-based servers. Doing so, they will no longer be responsible for maintaining operating systems, applying security patches, repairing hard drives, and the span of other initiatives that IT departments carry out for their companies but do not directly apply to the company’s core mission.

I believe we are now at the crossroads of not just where these cloud services make sense from a logistics standpoint, but also from a price point. Whereas before, there were relatively limited players in this space, now every major software company has a solution. Where before we only had “pay by the minute & byte” services which were too hard to calculate out, we now have all-inclusive options to truly understand costs before implementation begins.

So we “boldly go” first, to make sure that we have all of their questions answered, all of their needs met, all of their data secured, and all of their systems integrated. In essence, I feel we are paving the way for our customers future, so that again we can eliminate waste, and keep them focused on their true needs – selling, marketing, and servicing their customers.

This blog is meant to capture our journey. Hopefully you will find some of our lessons-learned useful to apply to your own organization.