Everyone here at Ebiz is excited to know that we are getting new PCs! BUT, before we can set them up at the workstations, I need to image them. Today I downloaded clonezilla, it’s free, which is a plus. They also have step by step documentation (with Pictures!) on how to clone an image of your pc. There is an option to take the image from your hard drive and put it on an external hard drive. No problem, right? Except for the fact that our external hard drive will not work. I keep on getting a redundancy error whenever I try to initialize it. I googled this issue and found out that it is because of corrupt data being on the hard drive. I also tried following their step by step process to fix the problem, with NO LUCK. As I was bummed out about the hard drive, I started looking further into clonezilla. To my surprise, it doesn’t look like you can even restore an image from an external hard drive to the local drive.

Maybe I will try symantec ghost and see how that goes.