Security is a huge issue now days. Whether it is a company’s network or a person trying to scam you out of personal information through your email. Recently a hacker hacked Epsilon and stole a bunch of email addresses with their names. Epsilon was used to send emails for companies like banks and retailers. Are you wondering why emails? Well once the hacker has your name and email address, they can send you an email and they can make themselves look like a company that you recognize. They can send you an email acting as if they are who you bank through. Also, when they send you that email, they will address you by your name to make it look that much more real. They will try to get you to click on a link and enter in your information. I was reading somewhere that hackers only need a few people to fall for their scam, in order to make money.

SonicWall has a 10 question quiz on a series of emails. Some are legitimate and some are scams. They say about 22% of the time people cannot correctly identify an email that is legitimate or a scam. Can you tell which is which? Take the quiz, I did and got all 10 correct.

Also, remember do not open an attachment or click on a link if you do not recognize the person that sent you the email. Another thing to remember, companies are not going to ask you for your personal information in an email.