Office365 – 2 months in…

So far so good.  We are 2 months in.  We had 1 outage for about 3 hours – but only really affected us during the last hour of the work-day.  Other than that, it is working as expected.

It is essentially what you expect it to be:  Calendar/Email/Scheduling without the associated hardware.

We have used Sharepoint a little – but since the “drive space” is limited in the Online version, we have used our internal Sharepoint more.  So that really isn’t on our radar right now.  We tend to hog a lot of space with code, documentation, pictures/graphics, and “backups”.

Lynx is kinda a waste for us – everyone in the office is fairly accessible to each other.  They can essentially just “turn around” and talk to one another.

A couple of “downers” – a lot of the extended Exchange features require Powershell to set up.  So you will probably need an Admin/Techie if you want to setup a shared email box, or “delegate” reading/writing access to your calendar.  Also, Web Outlook works very well, but cannot “convert an email into a calendar item”.  Instead you have to copy/paste.  Pretty frustrating – this is easily do-able inside the Outlook client.

We are still a heavy Lotus Notes user for our operations.  The good news is its a seemless switch to Outlook/Exchange.  The doclinks all work as expected – so our “alerts” and newsletters for our support and operations systems come in through Outlook, and we can link directly back into Lotus Notes like we were using Notes email before.