Part 5: Creating Your Six Sigma template – Brainstorming Drivers & Assigning Priority

(If you missed the beginning of this series, click here)

Now that we have given a place for the team to identify the key Drivers, we need to give them the ability to brainstorm ideas to resolve the Top Driver, and assign an overall priority for each idea.  This will help them decide which items to focus on – not just that it is a “driver”, but that the overall priority of the possible resolution (how hard, versus how big a payoff) is reasonable and valuable.

To do this, we will add a PICK matrix to our template.  There, the team will be able to identify bullets of opportunity, prioritized along an Effort versus Payoff scale, to better visualize which quadrant of change they should focus on.

Use the “Add Tool” button, and select “Browse Tool Catalog”.  Then, under “Analyzing”, select “PICK Matrix”.

Remember to move the matrix to the bottom of the template.

Next, rename the PICK matrix to “Brainstorm Drivers – Priority Matrix”.  You can then add a single Action Item to assign to the team to fill in the matrix.

Finally, lets add some instructions for the team to give them guidance on how best to fill in the matrix.

That wraps up our priority matrix.  We now have given the team the capability to visualize their proposed resolutions to the top-driving issue.  In our next section, we will create 3 sections to allow the team to identify the top 3 they will focus on, and capture their process within each section.  To do this, we will create a StreamWork collection.