We recently created 3 cool Microsoft CRM tools. They are all admin-style “command line” tools, which can be run manually, or from the task scheduler. They are:

1) Microsoft CRM Exporter – Given a FetchXML query (usually generated via Advanced Find), this tool will export the records into a standard-structure XML file. Useful to take a data-dump of records, or us it with a tool like Talend Open Studio. Works for CRM Online and On Premises.

2) Microsoft CRM Newsletter – Given a FetchXML query, this tool will create and send an email formatted with a table, with the returned records. Useful in scheduling a daily or weekly newsletter to send to sales and operations staff. Works for CRM Online and On Premises.

3) Microsoft CRM Report Emailer – Given a CRM Report name, this tool will run the report, export it as a PDF, then email the PDF to the specified user. Useful in scheduling daily or weekly reports to send to sales and operations staff. Currently only works with CRM Online, but we are working on another tool to work with On Premises (there is a story here, will publish some other day…)

We’ll be posting them later this month, but if you need a look at it sooner, send me an email and I can give you some screen shots. Our plan is to duplicate these tools for Salesforce.com and SugarCRM as well.