Part 6: Creating Your Six Sigma template – Defining Smart Goals

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Now that we have our possible solutions defined and prioritized for our Top Driver, we can let the team focus on 3 of these, define them as S.M.A.R.T. goals, and work the resolutions to the problem.  To do this, we are going to utilize a couple of tools, encapsulated inside a StreamWork Collection.  The collection will let us group several tools together, collating them.  Each of these grouped toolsets will represent a SMART goal – so all in all, we will have 3 collections.

We will create the first Collection, then use the StreamWork “copy” function to copy the first collection 2 more times.  So, for this part, we simply want to add a single new Collection.

To do this, we again use our “Add Tool / Browse Tool Catalog” button, and in the list, select “Basic”, then “Collection”.

Don’t forget to move it to the bottom of the canvas.

We will now name our collection “SMART Goal #1”, and we will add some instructions on how to use it.

Finally, we will add a single action item to “assign” the setting of the goal to the team when a new project is kicked off.

Essentially, we will be adding 3 tools within this collection – a Scope Check tool, an Action Plan tool, and place to define Metrics to be sure our corrective actions have paid off.