Migration and Co-existence

When changing messaging platforms, email may not be the only moving part that needs attention. Custom and proprietary applications are usually part of the messaging environment. This is especially true if you are moving away from IBM Lotus Domino.

Messaging is one of the core functions of Lotus Domino and is easily integrated into applications. After all, email in Lotus Domino is just another application. So odds are one or more applications have messaging functionality incorporated into the design.

Some of this functionality makes it through to the “other side”. Database, View and Document links make the transition in tact more or less. The “links” get converted to urls with notes: as the protocol. When clicked, the Lotus Notes client is launched and the linked object is loaded(provided the client is installed).

One piece of functionality that does not translate are embedded Lotus Notes buttons. These buttons can be either coded with the @formula language or LotusScript. The buttons are removed when the messages leave the Lotus Domino environment.

My next post will take a look at solving the deleted button scenario.