Things to know when migrating from the P1 plan to the E3 plan in Office 365

A couple of weekends ago I migrated our office 365 plan from the small business (P1) plan to the Enterprise (E3) plan. To start off, Microsoft cannot migrate you between plans. They say the two plans are on different platforms and there is no way migrate between the two.

In order to get onto the E3 plan, I had to delete our P1 account and create an E3 account. Yes, that means that we had to find an alternative source to collect our emails. Otherwise we would lose all emails that came in through out the weekend. Since we had to delete our P1 account, that means we had to change our nameservers back to our hosting company and then re verify our domains in our new account.

This is the interesting part between the two plans that I had discover: In the Small Business plans, you HAVE to fully redelegate your DNS in office 365. In the Enterprise plans, you CANNOT fully redelegate your DNS in office 365. I had not known about not being able to fully redelegate our DNS in the E3 plan and unfortunately, they do not have the best of documentation for that either. I had spent a couple of days working with Technical Support trying to fix the issue with Fully redelegating our DNS in the E3 plan. They were unable to help me with this issue because they did not know about this in the Enterprise accounts.

Office 365 has a spot for forums for any issues anyone is having. I had to read a couple of forums and to be sure, post a forum myself. One of their moderators had responded with the answer within an hour.

Once that was discovered, I was able to enter in the DNS at my hosting company and it started working right away.