Part 1 of 3 – Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365

Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365

I wanted to document our process that we followed to migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365. We have had to do quite a bit of research on how this process should go. Since we have found bits and pieces all over the internet. These are the step that we took pre-migration.

1. In our case, we changed the company name from Ebiz Technology to TractionCRM. We ended up purchasing a new Internet domain to be used in Office 365

2. Purchase new office 365 accounts from

3. Setup all mail files ahead of time on Office 365

4. Enable IMAP on the Lotus Notes server

5. Update firewall rules to allow IMAP from the Internet to access Lotus Notes IMAP.

6. We used the IMAP connector to synchronize the email messages between Lotus Notes and Office 365.

7. Calendar entries do not migrate when using POP/IMAP. We had to make a copy of the calendar entries and manually create those entries in Outlook.

8. Turn off out office agent and rules from Lotus Notes

9. If the end user used mail rules. Those rules had to be manually created on the Outlook side

10. Setup “Connected Account” in Office 365 to fetch emails every hours from Lotus Notes. In our case, customers still sent emails to our ebiz email address and the connector fetched those emails automatically every hour.

11. On migration day, we delegated DNS to office 365 name servers