Off the deep end…

I was born a poor…well, you know how that goes. Suffice it to say that the most-important part of my story for our purposes is the last week of my life, beginning work with Traction Consulting Group.

As a VB/ASP.NET programmer with roots in Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases, I thought that jumping into CRM would be a snap. I mean, really, a cursory review looks similar Access (at least as far as dragging and dropping fields) and, being a Microsoft product, I was expecting some form of code-behind files with, maybe, a bin for modules and  custom classes. I assumed I could throw some .NET code at it to “make it work” — well, maybe not so much.

So where am I after five days?

Things that I’ve had to revisit and remember:

  • JavaScript and its idiosyncrasies (how do I live without strong data typing reference parameters??)
  • SOAP calls to query the backend in the online version (I know this can now be done with oData or WCF, but that’s for future exploration and most-likely a blog entry or 50)