Part 2 of 3: Steps to finalize the upgrade to Office 365

After following the pre-migration steps, we followed these steps to finalize the upgrade:

1. Verify that Office 365 is working correctly and we can send and receive emails.

2. Create forward rules from Lotus Notes to Office 365. We still have many Lotus Notes applications that were not migrated at the time of the email migration. We setup a forward rule in Lotus Notes’ address book to forward to office 365 addresses.

3. Import external contacts from Lotus Notes directory to Office 365 using PowerShell script. The external contacts are clients or vendors email addresses and phone numbers that we share between the team. Since there is no UI tool to allow us to do import the contacts in Office 365, we had to write a PowerShell script to import the contacts.

4. Previous calendar entries had to be manually created in Outlook for each user.

5. Configure the Outlook/mobile device client for each user

6. Setup user signature in Outlook

7. Setup rules in Outlook

8. Import/manually enter personal contacts that were created in Lotus Notes.