Things I have learned about CRM so far

Things I am having to learn, or have learned, about CRM:

  • Individual fields are set “dirty” rather than the entire record, reducing the chance of a collision (if you want to know more, look here)
  • The back-end data structure (e.g., where things like user time zone information live — can you say “user settings“)
  • Creating new fields (hey, the “whole number” type can be formatted to display as a time zone list!)
  • Processes & Work Flows
  • and, of course, all the other pieces to build “the right solution” for the customer (thanks to the Channel 9 crew for a ton of good information!)

I’ll keep posting (hopefully) good information as I learn to leverage the power of Dynamics CRM as well as other CRM and data packages. If I’m lucky, maybe along the way I’ll find better and easier ways to accomplish my tasks and, if not, at least you may benefit from my pain conquering a problem “the hard way.”

Oh, and if you are listening, Microsoft, would it be that unreasonable to ask for a package like this to make manipulating the UI a little less cumbersome? I mean, really, you already have such a nice AJAX tool set…just saying.