Finally! Move your calendar entries and contacts from Lotus Notes to Office 365

When we migrated from Lotus Notes to Office 365, we had to move our calendar entries manually to Office 365. After some digging around, I have found out how to migrate your calendar entries and of course your contacts.

In Lotus Notes, go to your calendar and under the lists view click on calendar entries.

  • Highlight all of the entries that you want to move over.
  • Click File, then export.
  • Navigate to where ever you would like to save the file.
  • You want to change the ‘save as type’ to Calendar Entry (.ics)
  • Put in a name you want to give the file and make sure that you put .ics after the file name. (This is to make sure it exports as a .ics)
  • Click Export.

Now, you need to have Outlook set up on your desktop. (The client version, not OWA)

For Outlook 2010:

  • Click File, then open.
  • Click Import.
  • Choose import iCalendar (.ics)
  • Navigate to the .ics file you just exported and click open.
  • You can either choose to import it in a new calendar or import it into your own calendar. (I chose to import in my current calendar).

Once I did that, my calendar entries imported. Note that in Lotus Notes, if you have some reoccurring entries they may not import into outlook because it contains a recurrence pattern that Outlook doesn’t support.

Onto importing your contacts. Make sure that you copy all of your contacts to your local address book database. They will export better this way. Once copied over do the following:

  • Click File, then click export contacts.
  • Fill in the name of the file you want to give it and make sure it is saved as a .csv file
  • Pick which options you want as far as what contacts you want exported.
  • Click Export.

You will now see the csv file where you saved it. Open it up and clean up the columns.

When that’s cleaned up. Go to your Outlook and import them. Your contacts can be imported through Outlook or OWA.

For Outlook 2010:

  • Click File, then open
  • Click Import and choose import from another file or program.
  • Choose comma separated value (Windows) or which ever applies to you.
  • Find the csv file you just exported and click next.
  • Under your mailbox find ‘contacts’ (or where ever you want the contacts to import at) and click next.
  • Click Finish.

It should import your contacts.

To import your contacts through OWA:

  • Go to your mailfile and click on contacts.
  • Right above the search your contacts box there is an import button. Click on that.
  • Navigate to the file where your exported contacts are.
  • Once you click next it will import your contacts.