Sugar CRM continued..

While Sugar CRM does a lot of things really well, I’ve noticed some restrictions in the Sugar workflows that leave this part of the solution with something to be desired (compared to CRM 2011). A few things I’ve noticed that CRM 2011 can do in the workflow engine that Sugar can’t:

  • Create a workflow that fires when records are created new without adding a condition. In Sugar, no workflow fires unless you add a condition (there should be some warning when creating a workflow for new records about this).
  • Retrieve the value from a current record to update other records.
  • AND/OR operators for conditions. In Sugar if you want to accomplish this, you have to create multiple workflow records.
  • Change the scope of which users the workflow runs for or are available to, in Sugar it either runs for everyone, or no one.
  • “On Demand” workflows. It is very nice in CRM 2011 to be able to select records and run a workflow against them manually.

If you need to automate some simple tasks (like email alerts, or creating new records with hard coded values etc.) the workflows in Sugar works great. But if you need something more involved, you are better off writing a custom function and adding it to the logic_hooks.php file for the module.