New EU Cookie Law?

Cookies.. mmmm… Unfortunately, we are not talking about delicious edible cookies. We are talking about cookies that track your activity on websites.

I was reading an article about a new EU cookie law that took effect in May of this year. Cookies are basically ways for companies to track your activity on their website. Have you ever been on a site and they make suggestions of other things you may like? This is because they see you have purchased an item and it may go with another. So, they bring that to your attention in hopes to that becoming an impulse buy. Take Walmart for example. You view a couple of items and leave the site. A couple of days later you visit again and if you look on the left side of the page it will display “recently viewed items”. These are the items you just viewed a couple of days ago.

Well, EU has implemented a new compliance law stating that if someone visits your site, you have to ask them if it is ok to put cookies on their computer. Companies have one year from when the law took effect, to become compliant. Or else they could be fined a hefty amount of money.

In one sense, I like it because then you can keep track of all of the sites putting cookies on your computer. In the other sense, that is one extra click I have to do in order to go to a website. I want to get to a site, do what I need to do, and then leave. I can always delete my cookies or set my browser to delete my browsing history and cookies every time I close my browser.

Hmm.. So how are the average non-technical users going to take it? Are they just going to accept it and continue on or get scared and leave the site? When I get pop ups, I examine them, look them up, and go from there. My mom would either be calling me every 5 minutes asking if it is ok or would be scared to go on the internet.

With that said..
Are you all for the EU Cookie law?

What methods would you use to inform visitors to your site?

Do you think that it would confuse most of the non technical visitors?