Sad sad sad… Microsoft CRM Online r8 still missing iPad interface… 

Kill Bill

To my dismay, and utter disappointment, the r8 update to Microsoft CRM Online for our customers did not include cross-browser functionality for iPads.  Instead, users are still greeted with the same old (and lame, I might add), Mobile Express interface.

This is extremely upsetting.  Yet again, I must apologize to our customers for being misled by unattainable timelines.  I am unsure of what Microsoft’s strategy is, but right now, it really feels disjointed.  Almost as if there are too many hands in the pot.

While I agree that releasing a product with the stamp of “It’s good enough…” is not the way to go, I do feel that a company like Microsoft (with their $$ Billions and $$ Billions in the bank) should be able to throw enough resources at this to get it out the door when promised.

For now, if you are looking for an iPad solution, I have since recommended to my customers to purchase an OnLive Desktop account and browse via its Virtual Desktop.  Access is speedy, and since it uses regular Internet Explorer, it at least gets sales professionals functional with their iPads.

(Note:  We have tried the “User Agent” switching thing with some other browsers available on the iPad – but there are too many errors with that solution.  The OnLive solution provides for a perfect rendition of CRM – albeit with a few additional clicks that they shouldn’t have to do, and $5 more per user per month for the OnLive account).