Looking to speed up CRM 2011 Online? Try switching to Chrome… 


Does Microsoft CRM 2011 Online feel too slow?

I have a motto here – if we support it – we better use it.  As avid users of CRM 2011 Online, we sometimes feel that it is a bit “slower” than we would like.  However,  Microsoft recently updated CRM 2011 to allow for just about any browser.  

I loaded up Chrome today, and all I can say is – wow!  It is so much faster than IE10 (and my previous IE9)

On a side note…  Do you use Comcast?

Back about 12 months ago, the route between Comcast (Detroit area) and Microsoft servers was severely impacted by a change in routers on Microsoft’s side.  It took us working directly with Comcast (who worked directly with Microsoft) over a period of about 3 weeks to get it resolved.

Once “resolved”, we still noticed latency on our side.  For example, here is our trace-route between our internet lines, and the Microsoft servers.  As you can see, it reaches Comcast fine, but times out along the route twice (the final 2 timeouts are normal, since crm.dynamics.com does not allow for return route tracing).


Is anyone else experiencing this?  When I visit a customer site with a normal T-1 or T-3, they have no timeouts along their tracert.  And their speed is always impressive.  So I do believe that a portion of the issue is with Comcast’s routes to CRM Online.