Make A Lasting (Permanent) Impression 

Joe Wichowski vcard Example

Let’s face it – the whole idea of handing out business cards is broken.  Who really wants to key all of those in?  I meet at least 10 new people every week.  It is very time consuming.

Time and time again, the most asked question I get from sales guys is “Is there any way I can just feed these business cards directly into CRM?”  Don’t be part of the problem – give your prospects and customers a solution.  Instead, always send them your vCard attached to your emails.  They will benefit from not having to key your information in.  And you will benefit, because you can configure the entire card as you see fit, and ensure that your presence in their Contact list is exactly as you would like it.

Creating a vCard is easy – simply create a new Contact for yourself in Outlook.  Remember to use EVERY field – as well as your picture (which WILL get emailed to your contact).  As you can see, I add my photo, use the Notes field to add a quick blurb about my company, and provide links to my sites and LinkedIn record.

Use Every Field In Your vCard!


Once done, in Outlook, simply choose File – Save As.  You will then be able to save the file as a .VCF file.  Then – every time you email a new contact or prospect, attach your vCard to save them the headache of having to type your information in.