Build a better Dashboard in Office 365 

bizboard-sharepointWhat do you get when you combine the power of dashboards with the accountability of action planning? You get BizBoard – our all-encompasing solution to help teams recognize trends in real-time, while allowing for task management and action planning in relation to the data.

With BizBoard, teams can:

  • Centralized charting and graphing – By integrating with multiple applications simultaneously (including Microsoft CRM On-Premesis and Online,, SQL databases, SharePoint lists, and more) BizBoard can provide a complete snapshot of all systems within the company.
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out – Review high-level KPIs (colors) to get the pulse of the organization. Then, drill-down for key trends and other metrics within any single segment.
  • Organizational Task Management – Strategic planning, assignment, and accountability of key tasks and other management and departmental inititiatives. All tasks roll-up into a single organziational task system.

While in its original form it is a stand-alone web portal, we have recently ported over our BizBoard technology directly into SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. Now you can quickly integrate key company metrics within an Action Planning portal to provide visibility to teams, and ensure discoveries and “ah-ha” moments are captured within measurable and assignable tasks.

If you would like a custom demo of our BizBoard for SharePoint or our stand-alone product, please contact the sales department at 248-679-9454 x1.