What If You Could “Google” Your Data? 

What If You Could “Google” Your Data?

Google Your Data With Power BI From Microsoft

Well, Now You Can!  

Join Us In Troy @ Automation Alley To Learn About

Power BI from Microsoft


Now more than ever, companies are struggling to keep up with the demand for better analytics, and faster / real-time access to data.

The problem is that the simple data tools we used to use (Excel) are no longer able to stand up to the shear amounts of data required to get “the big picture”.

The standard model for Excel (load data, massage data, build pivot tables, convert to charts, repeat next month) is broken – too much time is wasted each and every month simply regenerating reports.

Power BI - Sales By Month
Enter Power BI from Microsoft.

Power BI is a collection of Microsoft Excel add-ons that give power users the capability of collating data from many different sources, and build Click-type charts, maps, and other “visual” tables.

It enables real-time decision making within the toolset most employees are familiar with – without having to wash/rinse/and repeat the process each and every month.

Power BI - Sales On A Map
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Join us as we walk you through the Power BI toolset, how it solves “big data” problems, reduces costs, and helps employees get immediate answers to make better business decisions for your organization.

Who: Financial Execs, Managers, Owners who want better access to data


When: September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) 9am – 11am


Where: Automation Alley (Troy)

The Boardroom
2675 Bellingham
Troy, MI 48083