“You go and do this… And totally redeem yourself!!” 


A while back, I wrote a rant about Lifehacker telling job candidates to be brief, and skip the cover letter.

Today, they’ve redeemed themselves by posting an article recommending job candidates actually “research” the company they are interviewing with before attending the interview.

I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to interview a candidate just looking for a job. Employers these days want to feel like you actually care where you spend 8+ hours a day.

My tips include: Know what they make, know how they sell it, and try to figure out why they think they are different. Then, discuss what you could do to help. That type of discussion will make your resume jump to the top of the pile – and ends up being more of a conversation about you, rather that a conversation about your skills (which frankly, gets very old after 3 or 4 candidates).

Good luck!