Information Week had an article this week  detailing the present rate of Legacy Support (75%) versus New Services/Capabilities (25%) that enterprise budgets face.   Its sad, especially when you consider the fast rate of change IT has seen in the last few years – SAAS, PAAS, Cloud Solutions, and so on.  How can companies leverage these technologies if over 75% of their budget is locked-down just dealing with everyday support?

Now more than ever, I think it is important for companies to review their overall IT budgets and ask the question “could we outsource this support”.  What level-of-service agreement would we require?  What turnaround time on issues would we demand?  What would it cost for someone else to do this?

At EBIZ, we do just that.  By partnering with our customers, we not only help them take advantage of new technologies and capabilities, but we also off-load their legacy support of systems; often with a higher rate of service to their users, for less than the cost of dedicated on-staff resources.

As we leave the “Great Recession” behind, I believe it is now more important than ever for all companies to find solid partners – one’s that will step-up, commit to a high service level, carry these legacy costs on their back, and allow companies to focus on what really matters most – growing and expanding market share.