Get more value from Microsoft Outlook… 

Meet Chuck:

He’s your “average employee” – struggling to navigate today’s wild-wild-west of daily information, and simply get his work done.  His problem?  He hasn’t been taught how to do that.  He’s been given Microsoft Outlook to be more productive, but unfortunately has only gotten as far as sending emails and booking meetings (lots and lots of meetings!)

Fortunately, we can help.  We have recently developed a class for sales, service, and support teams that helps them immediately become more productive.  The class is delivered in both On-Site or Video/Webinar format – so we can help companies in any location, not just in Michigan.  It is designed to help teams organize their world, get more done, and spend more time “working” – instead of searching for information and drowning in Inbox Overload.

If your team or company may benefit from some low-cost Outlook training, please give us a call.  It’s a quick-win, with topics such as:

Organizing your world 

  • Email & Calendar – Setting & Using Categories to track open items for Customers and Projects
  • Email – Organize Sent email (not just Inbox) before it goes out
  • Email – Creating Cool Rules to cut rough Inbox Overload
  • Email – Creating Search Folders to build action lists
  • Email – Setting up your Favorites for quicker access
  • Calendar – Adding all tasks as “Time” for better productivity
  • Email – Junk Filtering for less non-value-add email

Working with people

  • Email – Tracking and Managing incoming and outgoing follow-up
  • Email & Calendar – Exchanging calendars with external customers and internal teams
  • Calendar – Working with multiple calendars, and creating and sharing Team calendars
  • Email – Polling users with Yes/No tracking, Approve/Deny, and other Voting

Other Magic

  • Email – Multiple signatures for condensed Reply/Forward, new prospects, and more
  • Email – QuickParts – Creating, managing email templates for sales, service
  • Email – Making custom QuickSteps to automate repetitive actions
  • Email – Emailing your vCard, making a QR Code, and other quick tips
  • Email – Quickly adding screen prints to emails